Sandisk SDHC 16GB

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Sandisk SDHC 16GB

Let op! De 16 GB SDHC-geheugenkaarten van Sandisk zijn alléén toepasbaar in apparaten die de SDHC-standaard ondersteunen. Deze apparaten zijn voorzien van het SDHC-logo. 16 GB SDHC-geheugenkaarten van Sandisk zijn NIET compatibel met apparaten die alleen normale SD-kaarten ondersteunen. Controleer dan ook altijd of uw apparaat de SDHC-standaard accepteert alvorens u een Sandisk 16 GB SDHC-geheugenkaart aanschaft..


From holidays to schooldays, from weddings to children’s first steps, you can trust 64GB* SanDisk® SDXC™ Memory Cards to keep your memories safe.

They’re built for daily, real-life use in all kinds of digital devices, making them ideal as easy, cost-effective and durable storage to take on the go, or to form a library that you can draw upon whenever you need to find that cherished memory.

SanDisk Memory Cards are the perfect choice to capture and store all your photos, videos, tunes and more. They are also ideal for moving images and other files between computers, cameras and lots of other gadgets, too.


  • Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB* capacities
  • Effective data storage for compact cameras and other devices
  • Tested to work under harsh conditions**
  • Writeable label for easy identification and organisation
  • Backed by a five-year limited warranty1

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